Best Beach Toys for 10 Year Old Girls: Top Picks for Seaside Fun

The quest for the perfect day at the beach often involves a carefully curated selection of toys and activities, especially when catering to the energetic and imaginative minds of 10-year-old girls. The beach acts as a vast playground that offers endless possibilities for fun, creativity, and physical activity. With the right beach toys, these young girls can sculpt majestic sandcastles, dive into the surf with confidence, and engage in games that keep them active and entertained for hours. The toys range from those fostering individual play, like intricate sand tools and bodyboards, to group activities, such as beach volleyball or paddleball sets.

When considering beach toys for this age group, it’s imperative to focus on aspects such as durability, safety, and age appropriateness. Materials should be capable of withstanding both the rough and tumble of play and the harsh beach elements like salt water and intense sun. Non-toxic, UV-resistant plastics and textiles, for example, ensure that the toys last throughout the summer and beyond. Safety is another crucial element, with toys needing to be free of sharp edges and small parts that could pose a hazard. Additionally, they should encourage physical activity and stimulate creativity, all while being engaging enough to capture the attention of a 10-year-old.

Size and portability are equally important, with many families requiring toys that are easy to pack and carry to the beach. Lightweight, compact toys that can fit into a beach bag or be easily carried by a child are typically preferred. Ease of cleaning is also a factor, as toys often get covered in sand and need a quick rinse before heading home.

Our commitment was to sift through the numerous options on the market to find beach toys that strike the perfect balance between fun, educational value, and practicality. Through this process, we’ve identified options that will not only delight any 10-year-old girl but also meet the approval of parents looking for quality and value.

Top Beach Toys for 10-Year-Old Girls

We have carefully selected a collection of beach toys that are perfect for 10-year-old girls. Each item on our list promises to deliver hours of fun in the sand and surf while encouraging creativity, physical activity, and social play. Whether your child enjoys building sandcastles, playing with frisbees, or exploring the shoreline, our roundup includes options that cater to a variety of interests and skill levels.

Ayeboovi Toss & Catch Game

Ayeboovi Toss and Catch Ball Game

If you’re seeking a delightful and engaging beach activity for your 10-year-old, this classic catch game breathes new life into every seaside outing.


  • Enhances hand-eye coordination and physical activity
  • Durable waterproof design suitable for beach play
  • Velcro paddles create a satisfying stick with each successful catch


  • Balls might be tough to remove from paddles due to strong Velcro
  • Paddle size may be inadequate for adults joining the game
  • Reported cases of plastic frames cracking

We recently decided to take the Ayeboovi Toss & Catch Game to the beach, and it’s safe to say it was a total blast. This modern twist on a nostalgic game not only provided hours of fun but also felt like a secret workout for us and the kids. The Velcro paddles made each catch satisfyingly secure, and the balls adhered so well that even the erratic throws were caught successfully.

During our beach day adventures, we noticed the set’s construction was notably solid. Its waterproof aspect meant it withstood the proximity to water and sand—common beach menaces to toys. Plus, the storage bag made it a breeze to carry around, ensuring we didn’t lose any of the components in transit.

We did observe, however, that younger children might need a helping hand with detaching the sticky balls from the paddles—a testament to the effectiveness of the Velcro but something to keep in mind. Additionally, our grown-up participants found the paddles a bit on the small side. It’s also worth mentioning that although our set held up nicely, we’ve seen others mention the plastic backing might crack under duress.

All told, our experience with the Ayeboovi Toss & Catch Game was overwhelmingly positive. It seems like a sturdy option for any child looking to stay active and entertained by the sea.

Jalunth Catch Paddle Game

Jalunth Ball Catch Set

We believe this catch paddle game is a robust choice for enhancing coordination and having fun outdoors.


  • The paddle provides a solid grip and easy ball catch functionality, making the game enjoyable right from the start.
  • Its portability, with the included carry case, means we can easily take the fun wherever we go.
  • Adjustable fastening strap caters to a wider range of hand sizes, ensuring everyone gets to join in.


  • The sticky velcro may require cleaning to maintain its stickiness over time.
  • Durability could be a concern if used extensively or in rough play.
  • The colors of the balls and the carry bag might vary, which could be a slight disappointment if you’re expecting a specific color scheme.

We recently took the Jalunth Ball Catch Set to the beach and were impressed with its ease of use. The larger paddle area provided a great target, which made it rewarding for our ten-year-old, especially as she’s still mastering her catching skills. The fabric of the paddles is firm yet flexible enough for a comfortable grip, and we had no issues with the velcro losing its catchiness throughout the day.

The adjustable back strap also received praise, as it allowed us to adjust the paddles to fit both smaller hands and adults who joined in. The carrying case proved to be a convenient addition, ensuring we kept all parts of the set together while moving from one spot to another.

There’s a lot to love about the Jalunth Ball Catch Set as a beach toy. Its emphasis on skill-building is evident, encouraging kids to improve their hand-eye coordination in a fun, interactive way. Plus, it’s not just for the beach; the versatility of this toy means we’ve also enjoyed it in the backyard and even indoors on those rainy days when the beach is out of reach.

Despite these positives, we did find that after continuous play, we needed to clean the velcro to restore its full stickiness – a minor setback, but worth noting. We also treated the paddles with care to maintain their condition, as they might not withstand aggressive play over a long period. Regardless, the smiles and active playtime speak for themselves, making this set a valued addition to our beach days.

Ayeboovi Crab Paddles and Balls

Ayeboovi Toss and Catch Ball Game

After hours of fun at the beach, we can confidently say these crab-shaped paddles add an adorable twist to the classic toss and catch game, making it a delightful gift for active kids.


  • Charming design that stands out
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Highly durable and waterproof


  • Only comes with two balls
  • Velcro might be too strong for younger kids
  • Premium price point

When we took the Ayeboovi Crab Paddles and Balls to the beach, the unique crab design instantly caught eyes, making it fun for the 10-year-old girls in our group to engage in play. The paddles were easy to handle, and those sticky balls really adhered well, despite the windy beach conditions.

Durability is key for beach toys, and these paddles didn’t disappoint. Even after accidentally becoming part of a sandcastle and getting soaked during a rogue wave, they remained in perfect condition, ready for more rounds of catch and throw.

In terms of skill-building, we were impressed. The girls quickly improved their throws, and the challenge of catching the heavier ball provided a good workout. The only small hiccup was the strength of the Velcro. The younger kids needed a bit more effort to pull the balls off, but it was manageable.

Overall, the Ayeboovi Crab Paddles and Balls make for dynamic beach fun, fostering both physical activity and coordination.

Eazee Play Amphibious RC Stunt Car

RC Car Toy

If you’re searching for a versatile and fun beach toy for a 10-year-old girl that can handle both land and water, this is a thrilling choice.


  • Thrives on any terrain, providing flexible play
  • Impressive stunts enhance the excitement factor
  • Durable build withstands the energetic play of children


  • Limited to a single battery’s life per session
  • May require adult supervision for younger kids
  • Can be too complex for children under the recommended age

Our recent outing to the beach was made all the more exciting with the Eazee Play Amphibious RC Stunt Car. The joy on the kids’ faces as they watched the car zip across the sand and then seamlessly transition into the water was undeniable. It’s not every day you find a toy that’s equally at home on the shoreline as it is in the surf.

The durability of the RC car was put to the test, enduring all the bumps and tumbles that come with a child’s playtime. Not once did we worry about damage from the sand, water, or even those unforeseen drops. It’s built tough, a necessity for any beach toy.

One thing we noticed was that with its capability to perform stunts like 360-degree spins and flips, it’s not just a regular remote-controlled car. There’s a sense of amazement it can generate as it defies expectations with its agility and power, often becoming the center of attention.

Nonetheless, there’s a caveat: once the battery begins to wane, the action must be paused for recharging, which can be a minor setback to the fun. Also, for kids just getting to grips with remote-controlled toys, it might seem a little daunting. But with a bit of guidance, they quickly get the hang of it.

In conclusion, the combo of land and water play, the stunt capabilities, and the sturdy construction make the Eazee Play RC car a splendid beach toy for 10-year-old girls, ready to challenge their coordination and entertain for hours—just make sure to have a spare battery on hand for uninterrupted playtime.

Everich Toy Catch & Toss Game Set

Everich Toy Beach Toys

We found this set to be a great way to encourage outdoor play and improve motor skills for kids.


  • Enhances hand-eye coordination
  • Durable and water-resistant design
  • Inclusive for all ages


  • May not be challenging enough for some
  • Limited to catch and toss play
  • Straps adjustment could be tricky for younger kids

Playing with the Everich Toy Catch & Toss Game Set just made our day at the beach so much livelier! The paddles are sturdy, and the balls stick just right, making it easy for anyone to join in the fun. We noticed that the softer balls were a hit with the kids, as they didn’t have to worry about hard impacts or difficulty catching.

Our experience showed that these paddles can take a beating from sand and surf and still hold up beautifully. We applauded the decision to make the straps adjustable, as it meant that we could get a comfortable fit quickly and continue playing without any interruptions.

While the Everich set is fantastic for casual play, our 10-year-old tester wished for additional game ideas beyond toss and catch. Despite this, we all agreed that it’s a valuable addition to any beach outing, bringing the family together in a cooperative and active game. It’s a delight to store and carry around too, thanks to the transparent zip-up bag that comes with it.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best beach toys for 10-year-old girls, there are several factors we take into account to ensure both fun and functionality. Our focus is on durability, safety, age-appropriateness, and the ability to encourage creativity and physical activity.


We look for toys that can withstand the beach environment. Saltwater and sand can be harsh on materials, so we prefer toys made from:

  • Plastic: High-quality, BPA-free plastic ensures longevity.
  • Silicone: Flexible and soft for a child’s use.
  • Neoprene: Resistant to water and sun damage.


This is our top priority. We always check for:

  • Non-toxic materials: Ensures that toys are safe for play.
  • Smooth edges: Reduces the risk of cuts or scrapes.
  • Size of parts: We select toys without small parts to minimize choking hazards.


We assess whether the toy is suitable for a 10-year-old’s developmental stage:

  • Complexity: Challenging enough to keep them intrigued without causing frustration.
  • Interests: Toys that align with common interests among 10-year-olds.

Creativity and Physical Activity

We encourage toys that:

  • Stimulate the mind: Promote imagination and problem-solving.
  • Encourage movement: Such as toys that require digging, building, or throwing, to help with physical activity.
CategoryTraits to Consider
DurabilityBPA-free plastic, silicone, neoprene
SafetyNon-toxic, smooth edges, size of parts
Age-appropriatenessComplexity, interests
Creativity and Physical ActivityMind stimulation, movement

By considering these factors carefully, we help ensure a satisfying and enjoyable beach time for young girls.

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