Best Toy Computers for 6 Year Old Girls: Top Picks for Fun and Learning

In today’s digital age, toy computers are more than just playthings; they are educational tools that blend learning with fun. Especially for 6-year-old girls, they serve a dual role in fostering both technological acumen and cognitive development. These toys are designed to introduce children to basic computing concepts, problem-solving skills, and even coding through interactive play. They come in various shapes and sizes, some mimicking adult gadgets with functional keyboards and screens, while others incorporate vibrant colors and characters to appeal to young users.

When considering a toy computer for a 6-year-old girl, it’s essential to look for products that strike the right balance between educational content and age-appropriate playfulness. Features like touchscreens, preloaded games, and parent-friendly controls can make the experience both rewarding and safe. It’s also helpful if the device can grow with the child, offering more advanced activities and programs that challenge her as she learns and develops.

Parents and guardians should pay close attention to the durability of the product, the educational value it provides, and the ease of use. A robust design is important to withstand the sometimes rough handling by young users. Educational content should ideally cover a range of subjects and encourage creative thinking. Additionally, user interfaces suited for small hands and a straightforward navigation system are crucial for maintaining a child’s interest and allowing for independent play.

We have dedicated numerous hours to evaluate and compare a variety of toy computers tailored for 6-year-old girls, assessing their educational capabilities, user engagement, and overall value to bring you our top selections.

Top Toy Computers for 6-Year-Old Girls

Our search for the best toy computers for 6-year-old girls has led us to a selection that blends fun, educational content, and age-appropriate interfaces. We’ve focused on options that provide an engaging learning experience, fostering skills in areas such as mathematics, language, and coding. Each product on our list is designed to cater to the developmental needs of young minds, ensuring that playtime is both entertaining and beneficial for growth.

Tywop Kids Smart Toy Phone

Tywop Kids Smart Toy Phone

We believe this toy phone makes a fantastic playful learning device for young children, offering a blend of entertainment and education without exposing them to the internet.


  • Loaded with 28 engaging games that help with cognition and coordination
  • Versatile with tools like a camera, music player, and storybook, keeping kids absorbed for hours
  • Straightforward user interface; tailor-made for tiny hands and young minds


  • Limited educational content outside of the pre-installed games; can’t download new apps
  • Small screen size may not appeal to all children, particularly with abundant use
  • The absence of app downloads may reduce long-term interest for some kids

After spending an afternoon with the Tywop Kids Smart Toy Phone, our excitement is palpable. The 180-degree rotatable camera catches the imagination, enabling young photographers to snap amusing photos with delightful stickers. Recording little life moments becomes a breeze that sparks endless joy and creativity.

The chorus of giggles and focused attention is a testament to the 28 built-in games that range from sports to puzzles, striking a fine balance between fun and learning. They’re ingeniously designed to captivate a child’s interest, promoting problem-solving and motor skills without feeling like a classroom exercise.

Hearing stories pour out from the speakers, paired with an easy navigation on the 2.8-inch touchscreen, we watched as it served as both a literacy tool and a gateway to technological understanding. It’s refreshing to witness a gadget that both aligns with a child’s curiosity and our peace of mind as parents.

LEXiBOOK Unicorn Laptop

LEXiBOOK Unicorn Laptop

We think this LEXiBOOK Unicorn Laptop is an engaging educational tool that combines learning and fun, making it ideal for young girls to explore various subjects confidently.


  • Bilingual options expand learning horizons
  • Wide range of activities fosters comprehensive skill development
  • Intuitive design mirrors real laptops, enhancing user experience


  • Screen size may limit prolonged interest for some kids
  • Audio quality could be improved for a better learning experience
  • Limited to basic level games, which may not challenge all children

This LEXiBOOK Unicorn Laptop immediately catches your eye with its vibrant design that little ones are sure to adore. The bilingual feature is a standout, making it easy for us to toggle between English and Spanish. It’s remarkable how effortlessly it can keep a curious young mind engaged.

Surprisingly, the range of educational activities spans several subjects. Our playtime included everything from practicing basic math to early music theory. We were quite impressed with how well the keyboard and mouse are tailored for small hands, providing a comfortable and realistic experience.

However, during our time with the LEXiBOOK Laptop, we did notice the screen size is somewhat small. While this didn’t detract from the overall fun, some children might seek larger visual displays as they grow. Nonetheless, it’s evident that the educational value, combined with an approachable and playful interface, can effectively balance out these limitations.

GAGINAN Kids Learning Pad

GAGINAN Kids Learning Tablet

We think this learning pad is an excellent tool for little learners to engage in educational activities with a touch of fun.


  • Integrates learning with play, reinforcing letters, numbers, and everyday words
  • Eye-protection sticker makes screen time safer and enhances visual engagement
  • Auto shut-off conserves battery life, which is a relief for us who forget to turn toys off


  • The volume control resets after activity changes, which can be irksome
  • Front panel isn’t a real screen, may disappoint tech-savvy kids
  • Requires firm button presses, which younger kids might struggle with

Engaging with the GAGINAN Kids Learning Pad just now, we relished how it turned a simple learning experience into a fun-filled, interactive session for kids. The pad’s tactile buttons and clear auditory feedback made it easy for us to navigate through the different functions, learning about numbers and letters as we played.

We were delighted by how this tablet’s colorful design captures attention right away; it’s vibrant and seems to appeal to children’s sense of wonder. The melodies and mathematical games added a melodic quality to the learning process, making it enjoyable and reducing the screen time urge.

Our tests showed that while the screen sticker is kind to young eyes, some may miss the dynamism of a real LCD display. However, the bright side is that it may encourage imaginative play, which is a big part of childhood development. The volume control could be better though; we had to adjust it more often than we would have liked.

In conclusion, the GAGINAN Kids Learning Pad can be a cheerful addition to a 6-year-old girl’s learning journey. Sure, it has a few drawbacks, but the educational benefits and sheer delight it brings to little learners make it worthwhile.

Tech Kidz Exploration Tablet

Tech Kidz Exploration Tablet

If you’re in search of a toy computer that strikes a balance between education and fun for a young girl, the Tech Kidz Exploration Tablet is a solid choice.


  • Engaging with 60 diverse educational games and activities
  • Designed with an intuitive keyboard layout for early computer skills development
  • Dual user-friendly view on the LCD screen enhances shared learning experiences


  • Limited to younger children, potentially outgrown quickly
  • Requires supervision for kids on the lower end of the age range
  • With only three reviews, wider user feedback is sparse

Our recent experience with the Tech Kidz Exploration Tablet has shown us it’s a genuine blast for kids who love to learn. It’s packed with 60 games that are as entertaining as they are educational. Whether we’re helping a child with spelling or delving into basic math, it proves to be a versatile tool that makes learning engaging.

The keyboard layout mirrors that of a real computer, which is fantastic for familiarizing young ones with typing and computer navigation. We appreciate how this design can help refine their fine motor skills.

When we set the tablet up for two children to play together, the clear LCD screen allowed them to view the activities without any squabble for space. It’s a great feature for collaborative play and learning.

On the downside, due to its specific age range, it might not hold the interest of kids as they grow older. While it’s aimed at 3+ years, the younger ones will definitely need adult guidance to make the most out of it. Moreover, the sparse user reviews mean we’re working with a limited perspective on long-term reliability and enjoyment.

In our hands-on time with it, we’ve found the Tech Kidz Exploration Tablet to be a delightful blend of education and entertainment. It’s an excellent starter device to introduce children to the basics of computer use while ensuring they’re having loads of fun in the process.

Vimorg Unicorn Touchscreen Phone

Vimorg Unicorn Touchscreen Phone

We believe this Vimorg toy smartphone is a delightful choice for young girls who love to mimic adults and yet have a blast with age-appropriate functions.


  • Full suite of kid-friendly features with educational and entertainment apps
  • Dual HD cameras for photo and video fun
  • Sturdy unicorn-themed case and lanyard for easy carrying


  • Some parents may find the device smaller than anticipated
  • Initial setup may require adult assistance
  • The interface may take some getting used to for tech-savvy kids

After spending some time with the Vimorg toy phone, we found its variety of apps to be engaging and beneficial for developing minds. The 23 different functions kept us entertained and provided a balance between fun and education. With its drawing, music, and habit-tracking apps, it’s not just a play phone but a tool that encourages creativity and responsibility.

The dual 8.5MP cameras were a highlight during our time with the product, sparking creativity in capturing images and videos. The added cartoon stickers gave a fun twist to our photo sessions, and the 8GB memory card was ample for storing our creations. We appreciated the high-quality IPS screen and sound from the full-frequency speaker, though for quiet time, plugging in earphones was a handy option.

Built with durable materials and wrapped in a unicorn-themed silicone case, this gadget withstood accidental drops without a hitch during our play sessions. We found the charging process quick and simple, with the promise of hours of uninterrupted use on a full charge. While it may appear small at first glance, we enjoyed the mini-size, finding it well-suited for the little hands it’s designed for.

Buying Guide

Understand Your Child’s Interests

We should consider the themes and activities that captivate our child’s interest. For a 6-year-old girl, this might be something educational or simply fun. Knowing what excites her aids us in finding a toy computer that she will use and enjoy.

Educational Value

We aim to select a toy computer that offers a good balance of fun and learning opportunities. Look for options that promote skills such as:

  • Basic programming
  • Math and language games
  • Problem-solving exercises


A durable design is crucial for withstanding the rigors of daily play. We should seek sturdy construction and materials that can handle occasional drops and spills.

PlasticLightweight, easy to clean
MetalSturdier, but heavier

Age-Appropriate Content

We must ensure the content is appropriate for a 6-year-old’s cognitive level. It should be complex enough to challenge her but not so difficult that it causes frustration.

Ease of Use

Intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces help our child navigate the toy computer without constant adult supervision.

TouchscreenHigh – for intuitive interaction
ButtonsMedium – for fine motor skill development

Safety Features

We prioritize safety by avoiding small parts and ensuring any electronic components are securely enclosed.

Battery Life

Considering that children may use the toy computer frequently, we prefer options with long battery life or those that come with rechargeable batteries.

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