Save the Date

The new year looks mighty bright on one of these cool 2015 calendars.

This year’s going to be a good one. But if you’ve got a little one on the way, you’re probably going to be doing a lot of staring at your 2015 calendar…counting, planning and dreaming. So you might as well pick one you really love. Here’s a handful of options that are so cute, you’ll be tacking each month up on your nursery wall long after you’ve ticked off the days.

Best 2015 Calendars
1. Hello Small World Jaunty Animals, $24 // 2. Gingiber Cat, $22 // 3. My Mind’s Eye Trend Gold Foil, $29.95 // 4. Red Cruiser Beer/Food, $20 // 5. Linda & Harriett Gift Wrap, $50 // 6. Mr. Boddington’s StudioThe Heiress, the Nanny, the Barber & the Tuk-Tuk Driver, $40 // 7. Anthropologie Month & Day Woodblock, $68 // 8. Rifle Paper Co. Travel the World, $32 // 9. Good Morning Zoo, $26.95

Jessica Pallay

Jessica Pallay

JESSICA PALLAY is the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Well Rounded NY. She is a Brooklyn mama to Libby and Elsie, and writes about all things pregnancy and new motherhood.

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