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Find Your Fit: 5 Essential Nursing Bras

When the new baby comes along, your days of dressing in Agent Provocateur are pretty much… on hiatus. And if you’re planning to nurse you’re going to want to be prepared. As much as you don’t want to think of your bras as functional gear, they will be charged with handling the important task of hourly feedings, leakage and daily wear-and-tear not often asked of “lingerie.”

At Park Slope’s pregnancy and baby shop Boing Boing, owner Karen Paperno has been outfitting new moms with tools for the task for nearly two decades. “Now when a woman is talking to me, I’m looking at her boobs, and guessing her size before she even asks,” Paperno concedes. “And I get it right most of the time!”

A self-described “free-cycler,” Paperno nevertheless insists that hand-me-down nursing bras are a no-no, since “different bra styles work better for different body shapes.” New mamas should expect to invest upwards of $40-50 on a quality nursing bra, and she urges you to pick at least three.

With one of the best nursing bra selections in New York City, Paperno tells us about some of Boing Boing’s current faves for women of every size. And guess what? They don’t look like “gear.”


Jessica Pallay

Jessica Pallay

JESSICA PALLAY is the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Well Rounded NY. She is a Brooklyn mama to Libby and Elsie, and writes about all things pregnancy and new motherhood.

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  1. I have an Elle Macpherson set and LOVE IT! I would highly recommend this to all nursing moms. Go for it!

  2. While I was nursing, nursing bras were the best investment. Added the support and comfort I needed while nursing. Recommend 100% to all nursing moms!

    Margo McCann
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