The Spring Collection that Has us Pumped to be Preggers

5 stories everyone in your mom group is talking about this week.

hatch ss17 collection

How was your International Women’s Day, Well Rounded Mama? Whether you took the day off, partook to one of your local marches or shared a picture of a woman who inspires you on social media, we know how strong you are. You, mama, make the world go round, and when you take care of little ones, there’s no real day off. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a break every now and then. So before you get back to work or tend to that giant pile of dirty onesies, we’ll distract you just a tad longer. From Hatch’s new collection to a baby book that reminds you to do your kegels, here are 5 stories you should know about.

1. HATCH’s new Spring/Summer 2017 collection is finally here, and we’re eyeing pretty much everything! All the clothes are, true to the brand, effortlessly chic and breezy, flattering to all body types and perfect for all stages of pregnancy and beyond. Explore the collection here.

2. Boob has collaborated with former ELLE stylist Emma Elwin to create a capsule collection of 5 timeless and minimalist maternity essentials. The clothes are versatile and plenty enough to form a complete mini-wardrobe for the modern mother you are, and you’ll be able to wear the clothes well after your nursing days.

3. Mark your calendars, Insta-Mamas. Starting March 15th, you’ll be able to take all your baby pics “off your device, into your life” — and not just in square form. With its new Every Day Print Set, Artifact Uprising will complete its signature Square Prints with six additional sizes. Just like the squares, the new printing options will come with 25 matt photos, featuring a beautiful eggshell paper stock. 

4. Need a little reminder to do your kegels? There’s a children’s book for that — no joke. The Kegel Bear tells the tale of a bear who loves to hug her friends, and it reminds you to get squeezing. Check it out.  

5. Sometimes, a good laugh is exactly what you need to recharge after a long day —  even better if it’s about something you can relate to, like wanting to cry when you have to move the car seat into another vehicle or how hard it is to go through Target’s baby aisle without buying anything. Buzzfeed’s 100 parenting memes poke fun at the everyday challenges that we, parents, face, and it is sure to make you LOL.

Stephanie Malangone

Stephanie Malagone is a college senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology. While she doesn’t have any children of her own, she’s passionate about women’s rights and children’s fashion. She’s currently the editorial intern at WRNY.

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