small_space_feature_4There seems to be this misconception about having a baby in the city that it’s only a matter of time before you’ll run out of square footage. And while, yes, your Hell’s Kitchen 4th floor walk-up studio may not be ideal, the truth is you can probably make most spaces work (at least for a little bit) with the right gear.

So before you go and leave us for the ‘burbs, check out our 15 registry picks for small spaces. Then head over to our registry partner Gugu Guru and add them to your registry now!

pTRU1-14038231dt1. Puj Flyte.
Once reserved for only your dishes, if you live in a small space, your kitchen sink is also about to double as a baby bath. But not without a foam Puj Flyte Tub. Collapsible, it conforms to almost any sink, and protects the baby during bath time. The Puj Flyte is the perfect bath time solution for small spaces. $34.99

GB stroller2. GB Pockit stroller.
The lightweight GB pram is the world’s smallest folding stroller and, in only two steps, shrinks to fit into the smallest city closet. The switch from pushing to carrying this 9.5-lb. stroller is effortless, which makes it a favorite among city dwellers. And its adjustable harness will grow with your child through toddlerhood (from 6 months to up to 4 years). $249.99

finn+emma play gym3. Finn+Emma Play Gym.
Even those of us who vow never to let their living room become baby-fied will have to learn when to just let go. And it’s easy when those baby pieces look like a cool piece of art like this Play Gym by Finn+Emma. Made of 100% birch wood frame and finished with non-toxic stains and lacquer, this is one play gym you won’t rush to hide away when company arrives. $135

honest4. The Honest Company Diaper and Wipe Bundle.
One thing you’ll learn very quickly as a parent is that you never want to run out of diapers. Or wipes for that matter. The Honest Company makes that simple by offering monthly diaper and wipes bundle deliveries with adorable prints. And as if the convenience wasn’t enough, you can feel good that you’re supporting a company committed to creating healthy and sustainable products for your family. Something you’ll definitely want to make room for in your small space. $79.95

dockatot deluxe5. DockATot Deluxe
One of the best things about becoming a parent is discovering products so good that you want to tell everyone about them. The DockATot is one of those all-in-one products that you can use from the newborn stage to toddlerhood and will morph from a resting station to a play area without having to do anything. Plus, easy to store. $185

munchkin6. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail.
You know those endless diapers we were just talking about? Well, they’ve got to go somewhere. And, NO, a regular old garbage pail will not cut it. Especially as baby gets older and diapers start getting stinkier. Ew. With it’s self-sealing system and cool design the Munchkin STEP Diaper Pail will be one item you should definitely give up some square footage for. $79.99

lorena canals rug7. Lorena Canals Rug.
Need to transform an already existing office or bedroom into a shared nursery space? Use a statement piece like a rug by Lorena Canals. It will split the room while giving it a great focal point to bring it together. But even better? These gorgeous rugs are washable! Boom. $227 baby ktan organic

8. Baby K’tan Organic.
Ok, ok, the truth is even if you have the most space-efficient apartment in all of NYC, at one point or another you will go stir-crazy if you stay inside for too long. The beauty about NYC, though, is that you can just walk out of your door. The Baby K’tan ORGANIC is made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, and will give you and your little one a cozy hold and the ability to babywear in multiple positions. $59.95

t35TFG211Og11-X62lDVm48TEIMTK1zfnsbi5j5af0k9. Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station.
Perfect for short errand runs the Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station is a portable diapering essentials kit, that will not only open up into a changing pad but hold diapers, wipes, keys, phone and a wallet. The true essentials. $30

ergo10. Ergobaby Nursing Pillow.
While you might be feeling a little bitter that you just can’t make a glider work in your space, shake it off. With the right nursing pillow, you can turn any sitting area in your home into a proper feeding station. The Ergobaby natural curve nursing pillow made from solid foam will help you properly position baby tummy-to-tummy at a good height that saves you from slouching and give you the support you need to relax and feed comfortably. $70

babyletto11. Babyletto Dottie Bookcase.
The smaller the space, the more you’re going to want places to put things away. A great bookcase that doubles as a toy shelf and can actually find itself a home in a grownup space is clutch. This modern Babyletto Dottie Bookcase is the perfect combination of design and function. $249

aTNmBi0FMv6ToQ7guJEWEWQEet5VBXxXU5F5SAqPidM12. Urban Walls Decals
While you might not have room for a life size stuffed animal in baby’s nursery, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the hell out of our baby’s room. These Urban Walls are the perfect to sass it up! $29.00

babybjorn13. BABYBJÖRN Mini Bouncer.
We know it’s hard to put baby down in those first few days, but, believe us, you deserve a break. The BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Mini will give the proper support to your newborn’s neck and back, and soothe baby with a natural bounce. $129.95

micuna ovo14. Micuna OVO Chair.
Believe it or not, there are going to pieces of baby gear so good looking that you won’t care how much space they take up. This Micuna OVO Chair is one of them. With it’s beautiful design and removable tray you’ll proudly pull baby’s high chair up to dinner with friends. Take off the tray later on and it’s a toddler chair too! $429.99

babyhome dream bassinet15. Babyhome Dream Bassinet.
Don’t worry, you do NOT need a full-sized crib when you bring newborn home! Opt for a cozy bassinet, like the Babyhome Dream, for those first few months instead. Weighing in at only 13 lbs., it’s super portable and easy to store away. But with its modern design chances are you won’t want to. $249.99

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Kaity Velez

Kaity Velez

KAITY VELEZ is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Well Rounded. Kaity is a former menswear editor who cannot believe she was ever scared of being a mom. Currently residing with her toddler and fiancé in her beloved Brooklyn, she is kept in a constant state of awe by her two little guys. You can often track her down at her local pie shop working on anything pregnancy and new mom-related. And trying to not to eat pie. At least not too much of it.

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