This Is What Dad Underwear Look Like

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Protecting the family legacy. OMG we’re blushing. Just in time for Father’s day, there are now underwear designed specifically to protect your dude’s most vulnerable area — because you totally know the kids accidentally kick / jump on / bonk him down there all the time. Plus, how one set of new parents went from scheduling sex to getting their groove back. Umm, give us all the deets please. It’s all right here in our Weekly Links.

1. Because that sh*t hurts. Or at least that’s what dad says. At long last, a pair of underwear designed to protect the family lineage. Made by the brains behind the NoseFrida, may we introduce you to: FridaBalls, the only kid-proof underwear made to soften the blow from kicks, hits and headbutts. There are literally no words. 

2. Mama can get her caffeine fix while the little ones get something to sip on, too. La Colombe coffee shops across the country are debuting two new juice options for kiddos (okay, and for us) this summer. Their lemonade and orange juice are made with fresh fruits and just a touch of coconut cream for a little froth.

3. Being pregnant is joyous and exciting, but it’s also pretty darn confusing. What should I eat, what should I not eat, should I be working out? So many questions. That’s why we’re loving MamaWell. Made by the mamas behind Fit4Mom, MamaWell has all the answers in its 42-week course filled with tons of modern info about fitness, nutrition and community building.

4. They were drowning in diapers and scheduling sex, until something switched and these parents got their groove back. We are loving how honest this piece is, and the strategy behind how these parents of three little kiddos figured out how to get back in the zone without having to sync Google calendars.

5. Sandra Bullock had to fight back tears while talking to TODAY Show host Hoda Kotb about adoption. Bullock and Kotb are both mothers to adopted children and say they hope to inspire even more adoptions. Warning: this sweet video may induce heavy sobbing.

6. Though cesarean sections are life-saving medical procedures for many moms and babies, a stigma around it keeps on living. But could we change the way we think about cesarean births by changing what we call them? Some women are now referring to c-sections as “belly birth,” and here is why.

Do you think that this term helps women reclaiming their role in the delivery room? Tell us in the comment section below.

Hanna Nakano

Hanna Nakano

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