Toddler Tuesday: Mom and Mini-Me Style

6 matchy-matchy mommy & me picks that will bring as many “oooohs” as “aaawws.”

Before becoming a mom, the only matching mommy & me option I was familiar with were bright pink Lily Pulitzer outfits that you wouldn’t exactly describe as city chic. Until I realized that when done right (and not completely matchy) it’s genius. And super sweet. We’ve seen a lot of brands releasing kid versions of their products recently, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to be “one of those moms” after seeing them.

Here are some of our favorites:

scoshafeatureBrand: Scosha/ Mom: Aid Nepal: Scosha x Circle of Health Bracelet in Brass & Red, $100/Little One: Little Scosha Pack, $86



Brand: Solly Baby /Mom: Oh Joy! Solly Baby Wrap, $65 / Little One: Oh Joy! Solly Doll Wrap, $25
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hoffmanfeatureBrand: Mara Hoffman / Mom: Lace Up Maillot, $226  / Little One: Kids Rashguard, $84

footwearfeatureBrand: People Footwear / Mom: The Stanley, $60 / Little One: The Stanley, $35

jammiesfeatureBrand: Sudara Punjammies / Mom: Navagani Full, $44 / Little One: Veera Girls, $28

beautycounterfeatureBrand: Beautycounter / Mom: Clean Everyday Shampoo, $20 / Little One: Kids Counter Nice Do Shampoo, $16



Kaity Velez

Kaity Velez

KAITY VELEZ is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Well Rounded. Kaity is a former menswear editor who cannot believe she was ever scared of being a mom. Currently residing with her toddler and fiancé in her beloved Brooklyn, she is kept in a constant state of awe by her two little guys. You can often track her down at her local pie shop working on anything pregnancy and new mom-related. And trying to not to eat pie. At least not too much of it.

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