How to Have Sex When You’re Trying to Get Pregnant

When you’re trying to conceive, having sex at the right time and position can improve your chances of getting pregnant. Here are some tips for maximizing your chances of conceiving: 

  1. Know Your Fertile Window – The fertile window is when you’re most likely to conceive. It starts about five days before ovulation and ends on the day of ovulation. To determine your fertile window, you can use an ovulation predictor kit, track your basal body temperature, or monitor changes in cervical mucus. 
  2. Have Sex Regularly – To maximize your chances of getting pregnant; it’s important to have sex regularly throughout your cycle. If possible, aim to have sex every other day during your fertile window. 
  3. Try Different Positions – While there’s no one “best” position for getting pregnant, some positions may be more conducive to conception than others. Positions that allow for deep penetration, such as missionary or doggy style, may help to place sperm closer to the cervix. However, it’s important to choose a comfortable and enjoyable position for both partners. 
  4. Stay Relaxed – Stress and anxiety can interfere with ovulation and reduce your chances of getting pregnant. To improve your chances of conceiving, try to stay relaxed and avoid putting too much pressure on yourselves. 
  5. Consider Lubrication – Some lubricants can interfere with sperm motility and reduce your chances of getting pregnant. If you need lubrication, choose a fertility-friendly formula or use natural alternatives like coconut oil or egg whites. 


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In conclusion, having sex at the right time and in the right position can improve your chances of getting pregnant. By knowing your fertile window, having sex regularly, trying different positions, staying relaxed, and using fertility-friendly lubrication, you can increase your chances of conceiving. Remember that getting pregnant can take time, and it’s important to be patient and persistent. If you’ve been trying to conceive for a year or more without success, it may be time to talk to your healthcare provider about fertility testing and treatment options. Best of luck on your journey to parenthood!






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