What NOT to Wear During the First Trimester

5 solutions to fix fashion faux-pas during the first trimester.

When it comes to getting dressed in the early days of pregnancy, it can be hard to find your personal style, especially if you are still keeping the exciting news under wraps. And while the first trimester comes with a lot of physical changes on the inside, the visible ones (aka the bump!) don’t take shape until you are further along. So how, exactly, do you dress a bump that’s not quite there yet? Well, a good way to figure that out is to know what NOT to wear during that time. So here are 5 fashion faux-pas you should avoid during the first trimester.

1. Buying designer maternity denim too soon. While your body has only just begun to change, don’t make the mistake of investing into expensive designer maternity denim until at least the second trimester. Until you know where your weight will be distributed (other than the belly), it’s best to hold off to ensure this investment takes you through the duration of your pregnancy. In the meantime, scoop up price sensitive styles like these and these from H&M until you’re further along.

2. Embracing the bump before it’s actually a bump. You’re excited – we get it! But you have a long journey ahead when it comes to showing off the bump. Because the beginning days can appear more bloating than true baby bump, hold off on the form-fitting belly enhancing silhouettes until the 2nd trimester. In the meantime, try a silhouette like this one from Hatch and this one from Ripe maternity which you will grow into month over month.

3. Wearing clothing that are bright or light colors. As your body begins to take its new shape, dark colors and prints will actually provide smoother lines to overall silhouette. We like this simple long maxi dress from Madewell, which will flex with your growing bump, and this allover print dress from Mango.

4. Holding on to your pre-pregnancy bra. Your breasts will start changing as early as conception — in fact, it may be one of the very first pregnancy symptoms you get. So as your breast grows, it’s a good idea to invest in a few new bras to ensure the fit and support is complimentary to your new shape. We like this style from Natori and this style from Cake maternity, which will both double as a nursing bra later.

5. Wearing leggings too soon. We know, we know, they are comfortable and easy and fit throughout your entire pregnancy. But don’t fall into the legging rut early on. Instead, think outside the box with options like these joggers from Mother and this relaxed jumpsuit from 9seed, both equally as comfortable, but kicked up a notch.

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Jenny Greenstein

Jenny Greenstein

JENNY GREENSTEIN is Well Rounded's Fashion Editor. She is a NYC-based personal stylist, and founder of Your Soul Style: a platform where style meets mindfulness. Through Style Coaching, Closet Cleanses and Personal Styling/Shopping sessions, she works with women ranging in age/experience but specializes in the motherhood space, supporting mamas and mamas-to-be navigate personal style during this beautiful (and complicated) time. As a mama herself, Jenny strongly believes that confident style emerges from within, and we owe it to ourselves as women and mothers to live in that empowered space. Stay connected with her via Instagram.

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